PLAN is a virtual platform that allows health plans to access information in real time. Integrated messaging technologies offer streamlined workflows for greater transparency between health plan management.

5 Reasons Why You Need PLAN

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PLAN provides health plans access to clinical information in real time. As an extension of CONNECT, an interconnected virtual platform that facilitates coordinated care, PLAN improves communication between health plans, physicians and patients by providing real-time data and viewable healthcare transactions for greater transparency. Together, PLAN and CONNECT facilitate Health Information Exchange (HIE) and quality-coordinated care, leading to better outcomes, reduced costs and increased patient satisfaction.

PLAN Key Features: 

  • Instant data in real time
  • Viewable healthcare transactions
  • Access to claims and authorization
  • Streamlined messaging technologies
  • Secure storage

PLAN Benefits:

  • Cuts administrative costs
  • Eliminates documentation
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Greater transparency
  • Improves interactions
  • Easy access anytime, anywhere